"Duplivert" massive framedrop with highpoly objects in 3D viewport
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System Information
Win 10, 2x gtx 1080 & win 10, 3x 1080

Blender Version
Broken: just tested 2.70, 2.74 & 2.78c

3D Viewport lag when highpoly childs on DupliVert object

Add a plane, subdivide once, add Suzanne, add subdivision modifier to Suzanne (4 subdivisions), set parent to plane and enable "Dupliverts".
Result: Viewport at ~5 FPS.
Enable "matcap", viewport at 60 FPS
Example File:



It's true, happens here as well. It is a bit weird indeed. Every other draw type has a far better performance than solid draw type, be it wireframe, textured view, material view, bounding box. Just solid draw drops to about the same speed as if I join everything to one mesh, modifiers applied and switch to edit mode.

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The issue seems to be related on OpenGL's lists, which don't have good performance here. This code is being reworked in 2.8 branch, so trying to fix it in master is not really best investment of time.

So thanks for the report, but not considered a bug.