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Blender crash when change to edit mode with Intel GPU
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OS: Windows 10 64 bits
GPU: Intel Iris PRO Graphics 5200
Using last 2.8 daily Windows build or compiling last sources with Visual Studio 2015 64bits.

This error only appears when using Intel GPU, we have tested in several Nvidia GPUs and works perfect. I was unable to reproduce in my PC, but @Daniel Lara (Pepeland) (pepeland) gets the error all the times in two PCs with Intel cards.

To reproduce:

  1. Start blender with default scene
  2. Enter in edit mode for default cube.
  3. Exception (no log generated).

Blender crash with exception and doesn't generate any log, so we have produced the error using a debug sessión in VS2015 and this is the call stack:

GPU_shader_create_ex(const unsigned char * vertexcode, const unsigned char * fragcode, const unsigned char * geocode, const unsigned char * libcode, const unsigned char * defines, const int flags) Línea 423	C
GPU_shader_create(const unsigned char * vertexcode, const unsigned char * fragcode, const unsigned char * geocode, const unsigned char * libcode, const unsigned char * defines) Línea 275	C
DRW_shader_create_with_lib(const unsigned char * vert, const unsigned char * geom, const unsigned char * frag, const unsigned char * lib, const unsigned char * defines) Línea 513	C
EDIT_MESH_engine_init(void * vedata) Línea 151	C
DRW_engines_init() Línea 2305	C
DRW_draw_render_loop(Depsgraph * graph, ARegion * ar, View3D * v3d) Línea 2837	C
DRW_draw_view(const bContext * C) Línea 2797	C
view3d_draw_view(const bContext * C, ARegion * ar) Línea 1862	C
view3d_main_region_draw(const bContext * C, ARegion * ar) Línea 1884	C
ED_region_do_draw(bContext * C, ARegion * ar) Línea 560	C
wm_method_draw_triple(bContext * C, wmWindow * win) Línea 566	C
wm_draw_update(bContext * C) Línea 966	C
WM_main(bContext * C) Línea 512	C
main(int argc, const unsigned char * * UNUSED_argv_c) Línea 528	C

As I can't access to machine with Intel GPU, so we need a developer with this hardware to test.

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@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) This is the error we were talking about on IRC last Friday. Let me know if I can help you or @Mike Erwin (merwin) to determine the reason of this weird error.

I have some Windows + Intel systems here for testing.

newbs added a subscriber: newbs.EditedMay 21 2017, 9:57 PM

Crashes on entering Edit mode while in BI render engine or Game engine.
Crashes when entering Game engine or BI render engine if already in edit mode.
Eevee, Clay and Cycles are not effected.

MSVS Throws and Unhandled exception: read access violation:

shader was nullptr

Mike Erwin (merwin) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Crashes inside Intel graphics driver while linking one of our shaders. This one!

e_data.overlay_tri_fast_sh = DRW_shader_create_with_lib(
	datatoc_common_globals_lib_glsl, NULL);

Any ideas @Clément Foucault (fclem)? I'll report it to Intel.

My system has HD 520 graphics, Windows 10. No problem on Macs running HD 4000 and Iris 5100, but Apple (not Intel) writes that driver.

Wasn't able to reproduce the crash on Iris Pro 580 (nuc6i7kyk machine with driver version There is a a newer version ( of driver available at [1].

For the Iris 5200 there seems to be no 15.45 driver, only 15.40 [2], but it's still quite recent.

@Mike Erwin (merwin), @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov), do you have crash with the very last drivers installed?


Ok, did some more testing.

Apparently 4664 has some issue which makes Blender interface to look like overscan (parts of interface are outside of visible area of window, even tho mouse is responding on it's proper location). This happens in 2.78c, so not 2.8 bug.

Driver versions 4590 and 4627 are working on both Iris Plus Graphics 640 and Iris Pro Graphics 580, Windows 10, both msvc2013 and msvc2015 builds of 2.8 branch from buildbot.

More results from Intel HD 520 + Windows 10.

I updated the driver from Windows Device Manager. The numbering scheme is different (20.something vs 15.something) but driver build numbers are comparable. Went from version

4483 - internal driver error described earlier

to version

4627 - Eevee mesh edit mode works! BI mesh edit mode crashes in basic shader (a known fixable issue)

@Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) & @Daniel Lara (Pepeland) (pepeland) does updating the driver help on your end?

I cannot test this card, but @Daniel Lara (Pepeland) (pepeland) Intalled driver version (the lastest available for windows machine with Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200) and still has the same error.

He was unable to find a driver with version 4627 for this card.

Crashes on Windows 10 + Intel HD 530

@Wo!262 (wo262) what driver version? I would think HD 520 and 530 would have the same driver available.

@Mike Erwin (merwin) latest one I downloaded from the device manager

Thanks @Wo!262 (wo262) for the quick response! Hopefully Intel really fixed this between 4624 and 4627 and we just have to wait for the newer version to roll out.

I have the same issue on the Intel HD graphics 5500. When I change to edit mode it crashes. When ran in de bug it gave me
"ED_undo_push: Toggle Editmode
My graphics card driver version is according to the Intel Graphics control panel. When I go to device manger and let it search for automatic update it says that I am fully updated.

I am running windows 10 64 bit
Latest 2.8 build

Driver 4534 has problems.
Drivers 4590 and 4627 work.

Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) changed Type from Bug to OpenGL Error.

Just to add a bit of extra info in case it is useful, blender 2.8 crashes for every engine on my machine, not just Eevee. I have tried BI, Clay and Cycles. Pressing TAB on the default scene using any of these engines crashes Blender immediately.

This is not an error with Windows only, entering edit mode on Linux with Intel HD 3000 also crashes.

The latest available version (July 6) crashes too.

HI everyone!

Anyone with this problem (Blender crash when change to edit mode with Intel GPU) could confirm that
the any kind of keyframes dots don't show in dopesheet? I think is realted.


Here's a quick snapshot of the Dope sheet that I took just before pressing TAB.

Hi Shujaat

The cube is animated? the problem is with an animated object the keys are not shown

Same issue here with intel HD 4600 on windows 10, after hitting tab, blender crash. Latest drivers from intel installed On linux also crash, not after TAB but crash. Tried several blender 2.8 builds, they all crash, including latest as of this writing.

I dont know if this helps, but this is the error I get starting blender 3d from cli.

I get the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error every time on Linux with HD 3000 GPU on laptop. This crashes my computer completely (not just Blender) and I have to power off with power button. This is a problem on Manjaro KDE, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, and Zorin OS 12. Most of the time this only happens with a high poly object and being close to it with perspective. If using orthographic view it never crashes for me. This may be the best solution for Intel users at least for now.

Eevee here crashes while trying to go to edit mode in wharever engine I am using.

I am using Intel HD Graphics 620.

Log when open: AL lib: (EE) UpdateDeviceParams: Failed to set 44100hz, got 48000hz instead
Win32 Error# (3221692565): <no system message>
found bundled python: C:\Users\Hudson Monteiro\Downloads\Blender\blender-2.80.0-git.14af3e4-windows64\2.80\python

Also it appears that the subsurf modifier get disabled, letting only the smooth.

The edit crash was solved with last driver update. Still there are drawing issues, but I will open a separated bug report for that.

I just tested latest buildbot 2.8 with new intel hd 4600 drivers installed, and... it did not work. Here is error from console:

p.s. for some reason on linux even with old drivers eevee sort of work, it lets you go into edit mode etc, but blender crush as soon as you change render engine...

Getting the same issue here on Linux with an AMD 5800K APU. Apparently, gpu_basic_shader is returning a null pointer which gets passed to GPU_shader_get_uniform, which then tries to point/access elements in that structure, resulting in a segfault.