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Creating a new object while user in localview strangeness
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If a new object is added while in local view using, if the newly created object is then parented to one of the isolated objects and transformed (scaled, rotated or translated), when you come out of local view the new object is still with no translation, scaling or rotation.
But if you toggle editmode when back in global view/save and re-open, it'll update to it's correct transform.
This creates a problem for an operator unless you force the user out of localview.



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hi, tested & confirming this.
indeed in a few addons I prevent execution in local view, as simple they crash or do not work as expected.
I do wonder if an auto toggle would fix this, if in local view mode, switch out for the object creation, then back in.
In some ways this is a known issue, but thanks for bringing to our attention. ( i thought is was addons only issue with local view )
Now I see it's object creation in general that does not behave well in local view.

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Can we get more precise ways to reproduce the issue? Not sure what exactly is wrong here…

Note that local view is merely equivalent to adding all selected objects (and newly added ones) to a virtual temp layer, and only show that virtual layer's content. So it has same implication for DEG evaluation as objects on invisible layers - they won't be evaluated. Maybe we should enforce a full DEG refresh when leaving local View (all objects are already tagged to be updated though…).

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No reply over a week. Closing for now.