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SVG Importer: circles and rectangles don't get datablocks named after the original objects
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I'm messing around with the SVG importer and I've noticed that rectangle and circle objects that are not converted to paths prior to saving the SVG file in Inkscape don't get names in the datablocks that reflect data in the SVG file.

Regular polygons or spirals do receive names that correspond to the SVG data.

Why that matters to me?

I'm trying to make a script that'll filter and process the imported curves, but to do this - I need to identify them, and with this problem, I need to convert all my circles and rectangles to paths before I will be able to do so, and that's a small problem, because I can mess that up easily.

Here's a little test Inkscape SVG file:

If you compare the importe Blender curve databock names and the original SVG object names, the circle and the rectangle that weren't converted to paths have generic datablock names "CurveXXX" that are not linkable to anything in that SVG file - hence impossible to process.