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External disk particle cache not working after frame set to initial frame
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System Information
Windows 10 - GTX 970

Blender Version
Blender 2.78c
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
When I initially use a previously created particle cache with the 'external' flag set it appears to work (as long as I am not on the first frame of the particle animation). I can scrub the time line back and forth and all is good. However as soon as I go to the first frame of the particle animation the cache no longer works.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I have attached a file to hopefully help with this.

  1. On the first layer is a very simple particle sim which creates a particle per frame.
  2. Generate the cache
  3. On the second layer is an object to load that cache
  4. Make sure you are not on frame 1
  5. I find the easiest way to reload the cache on later 2 is to change the index number from and then back to 0
  6. Avoiding frame one you should be able to scrub back and forth and the cache works fine
  7. Now go to frame 1 and play
  8. The cache no longer works properly

Note - for convenience I have the cache generator and cache loader in the same file - however the same problem exists if they are in different files.

I was wondering if the issue was either:
a. The frame zero cache fo;e - which I understand{F612102} holds the start, end and duration of particles is not being read after it's initial load?
b. After an initial loading of the 'frame zero' particle time ranges the code is still going back and running he default settings?

Thanks for looking into this,



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Not sure if I uploaded that file correctly - let me know if there is a problem

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Particles and caching are subject to an overhaul in 2.8, so we are limiting the work on the current system to only regressions.
Thanks for the report, but as this is not a regression, archiving it for now.

OK - thanks Luca.

Just in case anyone stumbles across this - my work around, if it helps others, is to set my time range to start at frame 2 and to be careful with scrubbing or use the 'jump to first frame' button on the timeline to get back to the start.