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'Make Duplicates Real' often makes a huge mess of transforms when Parent or Keep Hierarchy are set to True
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Short description of error
The 'Make Duplicates Real' object operator has trouble assigning the correct matrix with complex dupli-groups when also applying the group's hierarchy.
I think it might be applying matrices in the wrong order (ie - scale before rotation)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Please see blend file.
Select the dupli-group instance, Run 'Make Duplicates Real' and tick the Parent and Keep Hierarchy check boxes.

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Could not recreate here under Windows 7 64 bots Blender 2.78, making duplicates real for both groups defined in the provided file worked as expected.

Nesting duplicated groups into a new group and making an instance of this new group, did however reveal broken swivel_chair_base objects after making it real.

I think it is caused by the Array modifier, and its use of an external object for offset. Either the empty is not being correctly referenced after making duplicates real, or it is wrongly applied.

No it has nothing to do with the modifers. Did you set remember to set use_base_parent=True, use_hierarchy=True?

Here's a simplifed version. Press ALT-P to run the code:

Here's what happens:



matali23 (matali23) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Indeed, what a mess, I can confirm the bug.