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shadowcatcher removes color data in shadow and reflection rays
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System Information
Win 10 Pro, i7-6800k, nvidia gtx 1070,

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78.5 2acd05b daily build 2017-07-10{F657755}

Short description of error

It´s not necessarily a bug rather then an incomplete featureset.
Enabling the shadowcatcher option removes any color information from direct shadow rays, indirect illumination and reflection rays.
Switching the shadowcatcher option of the ground plane object clearly demonstrates the issue.
Comparing render passes shows that enabling shadowcatcher removes all information from GlossInd and DiffInd.
I didn´t expect the shadowcatcher to receive any reflection rays but it does (which I like). Unfortunately there is no pass to actually use it.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
See attached blend file.



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Thanks for the report, but it doesn't sound like a bug at all (this is why it is always important to attach small .blend file which demonstrates the issue).

Shadows are colorless, those are just amount of occluded light. Surely thing which you expect is nice to have, but lack of it is not considered a bug.

I did say that it´s not really a bug and there is a small blend file included.

Having worked with a variety of renderers on other platforms, I wanted to mention that it is actually a very different behaviour.
On other platforms there is color data stored in the shadow pass but it comes with an alpha channel to composite it properly.
Same would go for reflection. It would probably help to not remove the data that is in GlossInd and DiffInd.

Maybe in the future. Thanks Sergey.