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Enum property UI element default expand direction
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UILayout.prop for enum type property by default expands up, which is different from which by default expands down.
This behavior creates inconsistency when menu type dropdown used along with enum prop type dropdown in the UI.

Here is GIF animation to illustrate the issue:

I think I have never seen dropdown list that drops up by default in any other app before. And whatever was the reason to make enum prop list expand up instead of down by default, it is not good enough to break the primary behavior of dropdown lists.

This is not the add-on issue, it's the general behaviour of UILayout.prop for enum type property, which is often used in Blender UI: all "dropdown" lists in 3D View header, Object Draw Type "dropdown" etc.



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Direction of menus & co is more complicated actually, aslo depends on available upper/lower space, among other things…

In any case, please do not create design/todo tasks, they are reserved to developers. General discussion and inquiries like that shall go through IRC (#blendercoders or #blenderui on or ML (

@Bastien Montagne (mont29)

...depends on available upper/lower space...

That would be nice if UILayout.prop would actually check if there is enough space below before expanding up.

...General discussion and inquiries like that shall go through IRC...

I already went to IRC where the single available UI Team member @venomgfx told me to create this task. So I did.