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Node's names limited to 63 characters ?
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System Information
Centos 6.5, Quadro K4200

Blender Version
2.78 d5d7d45

Short description of error
This is not an issue from the Alembic module, but this is related since this is from what I've seen the issue.
Names for nodes are limited to 63 characters, which leads to truncated names.
63 is not a lot when importing alembic files of shots with many namespaces.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Import attached alembic file.
The file represents the hierarchy of one of our shot.

Here is what the hierarchy looks like in Maya:

And here is what it is in Blender:

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Thanks for the report, but there is no bug here, indeed our datablock's names (and other data names, like node, modifiers etc.) are limited to 64 chars. Whether more is needed or not is not a topic for the tracker, general discussion and inquiries like that shall go through IRC (#blendercoders on or ML (