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Player couldn't be found for export Game in *.app
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iMac 21" 2011, MacOs Sierra (10.12.5), AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 Mo

Blender 2.78 (2.78 2017-02-27)

I try to export ma Blender Scene as a Game with the Exporte but it can't find the Player. So the export was abort.

  1. Juste open the new scene (with the default scene), in the preference user select the add-on : Game Engine: Save As Game Engine Runtime.
  2. Save the User Settings.
  3. Go to Export and choose : Save as Game Engine Runtime.
  4. Choose the folder where you want to save your game.
  5. Push the "Save As Game Engine Runtime" button.
  6. It doesn't work !



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Arto Kitula (akitula) triaged this task as Confirmed priority.EditedJul 13 2017, 7:30 AM

MacOS Sierra has system called translocator. This messes up

You need to move (using Finder) and directly to the /Applications folder to remove quarantine flag.

If you want to run Blender from another location, you need to go to terminal and:

xattr -d /Your/Blender/Dir/

Also do it for too

Another workaround is to start blender from terminal commandline.

(edit: add xattr command help)

Arto Kitula (akitula) closed this task as Resolved.Jul 13 2017, 7:42 AM
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Surely this is still a bug and something we can fix quite easily?

Gatekeeper translocation copies .app to folder under /private/vars/folders. That is, quarantine location. We don't know what is the location where blender was copied from.

This breaks also WM_OT_blenderplayer_start (on as the isn't quarantized.

Either we add blenderplayer location option to preferences and modify addons to use that, or make installer that does xattr -d.
(custom install location)

(edit, fixing my englisssh =) )

Addenum: My suggestion is to install blender on /Applications folder. (not subfolder, gatekeeper rules apply)

Ok, the fix might be so simple, but some possible solutions:

  • Put blenderplayer in
  • Distribute blender as a signed .dmg

As user I would like to keep simple way, so I'm ok with the .dmg solution.

so this is solved for future releases (and could be closed)?