Blender force close with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
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System Information

  • Windows 10 V1703 build 15063.483
  • GPU NVidia 660Ti tested with drivers : 382.33 382.53 384.76

Blender Version

  • Blender 64bits, tested versions (fresh download and install zip version, also cleaned the user profile between each):

Official 2.78c (same one I was using without issue since the release)

Short description of error
I have used the same system for year without issues.
Since a few days when I try to start blender it just crash with:
If fresh install and nothing in the user profile, it does start, but accessing the user preference, doing anything related to cycle or rendering cause the crash.
If there is anything in the user profile, it does not even start, just crash immediately.
As there was no change to blender itself and it's consistant with the 3 last GPU drivers (including the one that was working for sure) it could be related to one of the recent Windows update.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Try to start Blender... crash

OS and drivers are fully up-to-date. Cleaned and reinstalled GPU drivers each time.
Antivirus do not change anything.
File location do not change anything.
No other Python installed.
Tested (when it accept to start) with old, recent and new .blend file with the same result.
There is test.crash.txt or crash file generated in the tmp folder

Running with factory setting does not even popup the windows, it crash.
Running with -d report the two attached file depending if there is anything in the user roaming profile or not.



Was crash log generated? Please upload if it does. Thanks.

Also, launch Blender from the command line with -d option and attach as text file here any error printed out in the console (do not paste it directly in comment).

It also worth running Blender with --debug-cycles command line argument to make prints much more verbose to see where exactly things stuck.


Was crash log generated? Please upload if it does. Thanks.

No crash log generated (as mentioned in original post)

launch Blender from the command line with -d option

See previous post and attachment

Blender with --debug-cycles command line argument

Attached, run with an empty user roaming profile.

After crash, the tmp folder defined both in the old user preference or in the Windows EV, does not contain anything related to blender
With arguments -d --debug_all --factory-startup there is no additional info reported.
When using -d --debug_all --debug-gpu only additional info are:

Using OpenGL 4.3 debug facilities
GL application marker: Successfully hooked OpenGL debug callback.
GL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK = 0x2 (compatibility profile

If useful, I ran procmon on it, it seems to break when reaching the GUI/various graphical dll. I tried to uninstall, reinit and reinstall the GPU drivers, but still same result.

To get driver issue out of the way, you can try software rendering.

Try replacing the opengl driver with a software version from

just copy the dll into your blender folder (and remove it when you are done testing, performance will be very bad otherwise) and see if that improves things.

with the dll in the folder, the same result happen. There is also no additional debug info returned except the opengl selection/force.
See attached file with various debug flag added:

I used DDU to remove all trace of drivers from the system, this time also removed dome Intel driver from the integrated IGP just in case.. After reboot and installing the latest NVidia the same happen (I kind of was wishing it could be some mismatch with Intel IGP but no)

and with windows 7? Windows 10 is known for it's instability. It's only 2 years old...
At least on windows 7, the bug is not reproducible.

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On an other system with W7 it works, but not the same soft/hard of course.
If it would have been never working since the beginning under W10, I would have guessed a W10 issue, but here, I had no issues on W10 with same hardware/drivers since more than one years (even after the W10 update). And I cannot reinstall the full machine with W7 just for a test (blender is far to be the only thing installed on the main machine)