Edge Bevel wight color dont displeyed in viewport
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windows 10 x64
gtx 1050 ti 4GB

broken 2.79 hash: 8009564


  1. Select edge
  2. In N-panel change Bevel Wight
  3. Edge Bevel wight color dont displeyed in viewport
  4. Select other edge. Press Ctrl+e > Edge Bevel Wight > change value
  5. All edges with edge bevel wight value immediately by colored.


sorry for my English



Try enabling the Bevel Checkbox located in the Mesh Display panel the N Toolshelf area on the right of the 3D view like in the image below.

The TRANSFORM_OT_edge_bevelweight operator called from the CTRL+E menu enables that Bevel toggle in the Mesh Display panel when called, while moving the slider doesn't, which is working as intended for now. If you have a suggestion for changing this behavior, please look at the proper venues for making design proposals and suggestions that can be found here:

Closing as archived as it is not a bug.