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Cycles Standalone on Windows Doesn't Compile
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System Information
Win 10 64x

Blender Version

Short description of error
Standalone doesn't build, missing bf_intern_glew_mx.lib among others errors. Guess cmake for cycles.vcxproj needs fixing. Also needed libs like freeglut are missing from svn opengl directory

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
compile master with release, compile with make cycles 2015 gives the above errors.



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2015 isn't supported, cmake should have failed out with, the error 'Currently only Visual Studio 2013 64bit is supported'

Ahh, Would it be possible please to make at least VS 2015 supported then? I mean I uninstalled VS 2012 ages ago, Still have VS 2015 as an old code path compiler backup but most VS users will be like me and already moved on to VS 2017. We cant be expected to keep 3 generation old compile paths installed.

from the bug reporting page

What not to report here

Feature requests, see the developer contact page.
Items that are already on our To Do list.
Compile or build issues, ask on #blendercoders or mail bf-committers.

This ticket hits atleast 2 of these points, so this is really not the right venue for this discussion.

That being said , i started some work to get at-least 2015 supported, no eta.