Blender 2.8 - World settings (background) does not change properly when changing settings
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System Information:
Xubuntu (Ubuntu) 16.04, Nvidia GTX 720

Blender Version:
2.80-8ddaa6a4e23 (64-bit)

In a newly opened application of Blender (mine opens in Eevee), when changing settings for the background (aka color/strength) you have to disable Use Nodes and then re-enable them to get it to update. Also happens in other engines, but you will have to play around with it because I can't quite tell how it's doing it. After adding a mesh and doing some stuff it works. No idea how.

Reproduce It:
Open Blender. Go to the 'World' tab. Click 'Use Nodes'. Try to change either color or strength (nothing should happen). Disable 'Use Nodes'. Re-enable 'Use Nodes'. It should update now. Play around with this in other engines and such - I am not quite sure how it randomly starts to work or works differently in other engines.