Blender 2.8 - World settings (background) does not change properly when changing settings
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System Information:
Xubuntu (Ubuntu) 16.04, Nvidia GTX 720

Blender Version:
2.80-8ddaa6a4e23 (64-bit)

In a newly opened application of Blender (mine opens in Eevee), when changing settings for the background (aka color/strength) you have to disable Use Nodes and then re-enable them to get it to update. Also happens in other engines, but you will have to play around with it because I can't quite tell how it's doing it. After adding a mesh and doing some stuff it works. No idea how.

Reproduce It:
Open Blender. Go to the 'World' tab. Click 'Use Nodes'. Try to change either color or strength (nothing should happen). Disable 'Use Nodes'. Re-enable 'Use Nodes'. It should update now. Play around with this in other engines and such - I am not quite sure how it randomly starts to work or works differently in other engines.



Thank you for the report, but 2.8 is currently under heavy development, and we are not taking bugs from end users yet.
Keep watching for updates at to see if your issue got resolved.

For the time being, closing this report.