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Same bug different version
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System Information
Win10 64Bit
radeon R9 380 4G
Asus H97M-E [CSM]
intel i7 4770
Kingston 16G regular ram
Samsung SSD 850

Blender Version

Short description of error
I will not repeat all of what I originaly said, you can read here in the old post:

New blender version: 2.78c and a new windows 10 version (spring update) and it's giving me the same problem with my saves. I am sad because I have windows 10 pro and I cannot use it :( the only thing that seem to work for me it's to make blender work in "windows 7 mode"
I even tried installing Blender instead of just "unziping" it in a folder and the same errors happens.

The thing that I just don't understand is that it's doing this with blender only, all my other software are doing ok (gimp, photoshop, irfan view etc)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
the steps are the same as in the original post

Please take a look again, thanks



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That doesn't seem like a bug in blender. If I understand you correctly, the files do get saved, however the explorer doesn't show them?

Sorry, I should have been more precise. No they don't get saved when they are in this state. If I leave them like that and make my backup, and later come back to work on those files for a reason or another, they just don't open and are considered "corrupted". If I do push "F5" and then backup, if I come back to them later, everything is fine.

The other developer was able to replicate the same error and told me about a possible bug in Windows Explorer and I believed him, but with time I realized that it would happen not only with blender files but also with others like for example gimp, word etc and it would have been noticed by Microsoft. I first notice that problem with Windows 10 build 1607 and blender 2.78a and not so long ago I decide to go back and try again with the new windows 10 spring creator edition and blender 2.78c and the exact problem surfaced again.

The last thing I tried was making blender work in "windows 7 mode" in windows 10 and it seemed to be working fine, after a lot of "saving" and keeping an eye on the files (I have two screen) everything was saving the right way. In case I did not mention it, I have no problem if I work with win7 or Linux.

Sorry if I am not clear enough or my "writing" is not too good, english is not my first language :)

I am not one of the devs/maintainer, but I'll ask for some more clarification anyway.
When you are talking about the problem of not being able to open and data being "corrupted", is there no .blend-file in the explorer visible (and just .blendX files, where X is a number as shown in the first screenshot)?
Does the .blend-file always appear when you refresh the explorer?
What exactly do you mean by data being "corrupted", does blender show a specific error when you open the project?

This sounds like it's probably a general Windows bug - perhaps a strange combination of disk driver, internal caching/background threads, and/or potential interference from some third-party shell addon (e.g. dropbox, cloud sync, TortoiseSVN/Git, AV menu entries, etc.) is leading to a delay in things getting updated?

Do the suggestions at the following link (DISM tool - basically checking integrity of the disk) help?

When you mentioned Win7 and Linux, is this on the same machine? If so, does this tend to happen more when you reboot into Win10 after using those?

Also a technical note (just for completeness): Perhaps we now need to ensure we flush the file handle before closing it? I'm not terribly familiar with low-level file IO stuff, but at least with Python on Linux, you'd have to do that to ensure that all writes actually occurred. Is it possible that Microsoft ended up changing something here? (e.g. see their rebuttals of app registrations getting reset)

I did it on win10 fresh install, only microsoft drivers, and during that period, since I first thought it was my hardware, I changed my motherboard, my SSD, sent my graphic card to gigabyte for a checkup, tested and stress tested my cpu and memory with legitimate software from intel etc... All of my hardware was double checked and I use only legitimate software, I do not run dropbox, onedrive, torrent or any others, and there is no skype or Steam games running in the background, my PC is for primarily for graphics :)

I was on windows 7, as of this moment, I just re-install windows 10 from a backup, so either later tonight or tomorrow I will reproduce the problem and tell you exactly what windows error message appears

and yes linux and win7 is on the same machine, but I just use windows 7 for now

Give you more info soon :)

sorry I forgot to had this: for the microsoft link about "explorer" I never saw it, but i did experiment those problems, but I had those problem with windows 7 and 10 at the same time, including copy/paste on USB thumb drive and external drive. My motherboard was the asus H87-Plus at the time and it had the reputation of having problems with USB, I send it to asus, gave me a new one, the problems where still there, changed my MB to an H97M-E that was recommended to me by my local computer repair store and I stopped having problems within windows 7 and 10 for the USB but the Blender problem persisted on win10. I spend so much time and money that I just gave up and stayed with windows 7 after my original posting (

Sunday morning 11:17: I finished re-installing win10 from a backup and downloaded the updates and tried to reproduce the problem again but I was not able to recreate the same error. The screenshots that I gave you in this post was from July 16 2017 at exactly 10:23am (about 3 weeks ago) at that moment I did not have the time to deal with it, so I just came back to windows 7 (I always have a backup of the two OS and Linux).

I wanted to give you the exact error message, but at this moment I cannot. In simple terms, it was that the file could not be opened even if I changed the file extension from .blend1 to .blend so this is why I was using the term "corrupted file" and that was why I posted back then and now this as a bug because it always only happened with my blender files. That happened when I took the file, backup it to my external hard drive and google drive and came back to it later when I needed to work on them.

I really don't know what to say now. In the old post, the developer was able to recreate my problem, my friend who has an intel system with windows 10 never had that problem and I guess that if it was a more serious problem, more people would have it too.

By the way, I know that all of this sounds weird, so feel free to just close the post if you think I am wasting your time and resources, I would totally understand, I know that there is more serious problems to deal with and for me, I can just go back and stay with windows 7. I am sad because I purchased windows 10 pro and wanted to use it full time, but if I can't, I will survive.

JF :)

According to @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) the files did get saved and only the explorer didn't display them. So perhaps you're experiencing a different error?
Could it be that your HDD/SSD/USB device you store on has faulty sectors?

When you save the .blend file and it doesn't appear in explorer, try to do the following for diagnostics:

  1. press Windows key + r, type 'cmd' and press enter
  2. If your project is not on the C-drive, type the correct drive letter e.g. 'K:' and press enter
  3. type 'cd ' followed by the path to the folder where the .blend file are saved, press enter
  4. type 'dir'

Is the .blend-file visible there?

If the file is there try to do the following:

  1. type 'cd' followed by your installation directory of blender (usually something like 'cd C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender', you may have to switch to the C-drive first by typing 'C:')
  2. type 'blender ' followed by the path to your project file that you found in step 3 (e.g. 'blender K:\path\to\project.blend')

If that works, blender saved everything right and the problem is definitely somewhere else.

Sorry about @Antonio Dipino (Antonio) Vazquez (antoniov), I thought that he experienced all of the things I did

For my drives, either external or internal, everything was checked with the manufacturer software, at the same time thinking that it could be my SSD, I returned it and got another one from a different company, nothing changed.

I did every commands that you asked me, and everything is ok. I can see the files and I can open them, although I still got some strange behaviour in explorer (see attached file).

So finally, again, the problems happens only in windows 10, and it seems to be related to Explorer and nothing else. I spend so much time, effort and money on that and nothing works so I will just give up the idea of working on win10 and stick with win7 or Linux for the time being.

Gentlemen, thank you very much for your efforts, and for your excellent work in general with Blender, feel free to close this post

JF over and out

P.S. who want a cheap windows 10 pro license.... (joking)

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