Impossible to make a screenshot
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Windows 10 (1703). Intel Core i3-3110M CPU 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz with Intel HD Graphics

Blender 2.79 | Hash: 5e9132b

Can't make a screenshot when the game made in Game Engine is running.

Create camera in Blender Engine. Click start in (standalone player). Click Print Screen button on keyboard. Paste this screenshot in Paint or Photoshop and see black screen.

This problem is also exist when I Save As Game Engine Runtime.


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This is not a Blender's fault. All we do is we simply draw on OpenGL context. This is then up to operation system to decide how exactly to show it on the screen. It is possible that Blender's context will be pushed directly to GPU. In this case print screen might indeed fail.

We can not fix screenshot without forcing OpenGL to go via software, which will be much slower and hence undesirable.

So thanks for the report, but we can't fix it.