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Fireflies in wireframe edit.
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Window 7, Intel-Core-i7-3930K-Processor-12M-Cache 64 GB Ram
NVidia GeForce GTX 1080

Fireflys in edit and wireframe mode.

The fireflys are non-destructive and will not effect GPU rendering, and thanks for the CUDA support on this video card.  Mega fast.

One piece of evidence is the fireflys do not mark a vertex.
While selecting the outside circle with a wagon wheel design I noticed these tiny fireflies appearing along the unselected lines going from the outer circle to the inner circles.
When in edge select mode they disappear. As I zoom in the fireflies do not zoom up, but remain in their locations. When rotating the view, even slightly, these fireflies disappear and reappear in another location, then returning edit project to original view, the fireflies return to their first locations.



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From how it looks - you may just have double edges there that don't overlap perfectly, hence you see some pixels of them.

Excellent analogy. After making this report I did notice this object had been extruded on the Zeta axis relatively close. What threw me off was the seemly random placement as the object was rotated along the X axis. I attribute the misalignment to this from using a perspective view during edit. Switching to orthographic resolved the apparitions.
Thanks for your work on Blender.

Sorry, I'm not a developer :)
What I meant is it doesn't look like a bug, but something with geometry.
Also the general rule for reporting is to post an example .blend file. In this case that would avoid guessing.

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As stated, no bug here.