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System Information
Windows 10 Home, AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series

Blender Version

Short description of error
Blenders FBX export into unreal causes sockets on the skeletal mesh to be 10x the normal size, I have searched through unreal believing it to be their issue, but everyone comes down to the same conclusion that its blenders fbx export. So.... Please fix this. Or at least talk to Epic Games in trying to find a solution this is a huge issue that i have spent 3 weeks trying to fix instead of developing with 2 or 3 other people trying to fix it also. It deals with the Rig

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. model a mesh
  2. rig it
  3. export
  4. import
  5. open the skeletal mesh, skeleton up
  6. right click add socket
  7. Witness the large sockets



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Am sorry, but:

  • For me this is totally unclear report (and fully linked to a specific third app, which has always been rather annoying to deal with).
  • FBX 'supports' a lot of different transform methods, and not all apps handle them the same way.
  • We already have several reports opened regarding scaling issues and FBX, so we do not really need more, does not helps anybody.

We already spent lots of month's man's work on that format, reaching the current mitigated result. Am not willing to lose more time on it currently, not until Autodesk publishes its specifications (assuming they have some, which I honestly doubt). Until then, I only do minimal maintenance on that addon.

Note though that I did some tweakings to it for 2.79, mostly options to select where to apply various scalings, this *might* help with your issue…

What third app?
Is autodesk even going to post their specifications?