undo causes crash after enabling a new rigid body when scene uses a referenced rigid body world
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System Information
windows 7 professional 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Blender Version

2.78 4bb1e22
2.79 RC2 7b397cd
2.79 58d92ce

Short description of error
After linking a rigid body world from a different blender file, and setting it as the rigid body world for the current blender file.
Setting a new object as a rigid body, then performing an undo, causes blender to crash.

Some observations:
(Even when more actions are performed after enabling the rigid body physics, undo still crashes blender)
(enabling the rigid body physics, then saving the file and reopening it, results in the object not taking part in the simulation after the file is reopened, and
performing undo is no longer a problem. Unless of course you disable and re-enable the rigid body physics of the object again.)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
have main.blend and rigid system.blend in the same folder for the referencing to work
open main.blend
enable rigid body physics for bottom cube