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Write arabic text
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This addon allow users to write text in Arabic


  • Add a text object
  • Go to data tab
  • In 'Font' panel, select a font file that contains Arabic characters
  • Scroll down till 'Arabic text' panel
  • Click Insert Text button



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Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 1 2017, 12:40 PM

hi, i'm a little unsure what this does exactly.
could you please provide a font that has Arabic characters so i can test?
personally i have 100's of ttf fonts that work with blender, just wondering what this addon does that differs from simple loading a ttf with Arabic text replacements.
Also I noticed the Arabic Translations in Blender are not complete.
is this something your interested in working on?

The shape of an arabic character changes depending on its position and the other letters connected to it.
the different shapes of a letter are placed somewhere in the font file far from the original char
this add-on finds the right shapes for the list of connected chars ( words)
very simple code.

try this font:

i can't hep with translation, sry

I tried it and it worked great, thanks so much.

جربت الاضافة على البلندر ومكنتني من الكتابة بالعربية بشكل حروف متصلة بكل سهولة ،،، شكرا جزيلا وارجو ان تصبح جزءا لا يتجزأ من بلندر.

Great work, it will be great if blender implement this by default , it would be even better if they use your solution in the regular editor
so we can apply some input processing.

جزاك الله خيرا

Thank you a lot. Really it is amazing soluions

hi thanks for submitting your addon, It looks useful and worth consideration. Sorry for delays. Currently we are archiving all 2.79 related addons.
Please feel free to submit a new task for this addon when it's updated to Blender 2.8.
Thanks for your participation and we look forward to seeing you again soon.