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Particle instance particle emitter ignores subframes
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System Information
2.79t2, win8.1 x64, 3x gtx580

Blender Version

Short description of error
particles from a particle system emitted from particles via particle instance modifier get emitted in locations
quantized by frames.
A longer version - There is a particle system that emits objects containing particle systems through particle instance modifier (to my knowledge the only way to make particles constantly emit something in Blender - "shooting star" effect), resulting secondary emission is performed once per frame, clumping particles together. Subframes setting has no effect on this behavior. This is a problem when particle emission needs to form any sort of detailed patterns where particles are smaller than their emitter.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Play animation.
  • On the left, particles generated by particles moving on the right get emitted in frame-by-frame clumps.



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Particle emission was never happening at subframes, those subframes are used for physics simulation.

In any case, this doesn't seem to be a recent regression and current particle system code is at the maintenance only mode when we only fix regression. To really make this area of Blender better with higher artists control is to reconsider it's from scratch. That will happen for 2.8 project.

So thanks for the report, but it's not considered a bug.