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Transform Orientation Shortkey doesnt work
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System Information
I7 - 4720HQ
Windows 8.1

Blender 2.79 Candidate 2

Short description of error
When i change the transform orientation from global to local for a rotated cube at 45°, the gizmo react and when i do translate ( with the mouse ) on the Z axe it work perfectly, but when i want to translate with the shortkey 'G' then 'Z' it gives me the Z axe of the global orientation and not the locale

1- Rotate the default cube at 45° on the Y axes
2- change the transform orientation from global to local
3- try to translate on the Z axes with the shortkey ( but it doesnt work, you have to clic )



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It is not a bug but a basic of Blender.
Blender always worked like that. You have to double key press to move according to user defined transform orientation.
G,Z -> translate on Global Z axis.
G,Z,Z -> Translate according to Z axis of choosen transform orientation.

Oh my bad ! thanks for the information