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Houdini 16 Alembic Export crashes Importing into Blender 2.7.8c
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System Information

Blender Version
2.7.8c current
Short description of error
Houdini 16 exported Alembic crashes when importing into Blender

I have a single frame (#242) 100 MB Alembic abc exported from Houdini that crashes Blender 2.7.8c trying to import. Is anyone interested in getting this file and using it to debug this seemingly broken blender importer? I will attempt upload and attachment to this report now. [looks like it uploaded okay, good luck & thanks!]

I don't really care about anything in the file (IP wise).

Is there some guidelines for exporting alembic files from Houdini 16 that I'm missing? Like Dos & Don'ts. Thing is you really need some of the per vertex color stuff, because that can't be reconstructed from a poly-soup.

I've not used it much just testing at this point. Should I try waiting for or the latest dev version?

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You can test the Blender 2.79 release candidate, there's been lots of fixes since 2.78c:

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The rc2 does open this. It can be closed or deleted thanks.