Phabricator 'To Do' URL format and search error
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Short description of error
Phabricator To Do link seems malformed. Query/search also fails. Affects Firefox 56 and Chrome 59 on Linux. Also Safari/OSX.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
On this page, go to To Do link.

Firefox shows the URL with a space between To Do, Chrome shows To%20Do. But in both cases, going to edit query and performing a search returns:

Refusing to redirect to local resource "/maniphest/project/2/type/To Do/query/X2xeUYhNBKUi/#R". This URI is not formatted in a recognizable way.


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Can’t confirm this here (debian testing, FF 52.3 or chromium 60), either logged in or as anonymous visitor… Assigning to @Sergey Sharybin (sergey) since he maintains our phab, he might know better. ;)

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Can not reproduce the issue with neither Firefox 55 (is Firefox 56 out already?) nor Chrome 61.

Some questions:

Can not reproduce the issue with neither Firefox 55 (is Firefox 56 out already?) nor Chrome 61.

I'm running Firefox dev branch (56.0b10).

Some questions:

  • Does it happen from incognito window?


Neither link directly causes the error. It's when the search/query is run. Are you doing this last step?

Also tried FF 55.0.3, created a new profile and blocked all addons/plugins. Also Chrome and Firefox on Android. All redirect to the same error.

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Ah, needed to click on "Search". Didn't realize that was a crucial step to take.

Just to add:

It just looks like it's caused by the space in 'To Do' as the 'OpenGL Error' section is similarly affected.

If the URL search string is edited to replace the space with %20, the query will run:

Fixed in rPace2787, but still need to deploy to the server. Should happen later this week.

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The is now finally fixed.