Using a rigid body world from another scene leads to multiple ways to crash blender after playback.
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System Information
windows 7 professional 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M

Tested in ver.:

2.78 4bb1e22
2.79 4bd8ac9

Short description of error

Using a rigid body world from another scene and then playing the scene causes loading of files, creation of groups, as well as undo to crash blender.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. create an object and set the object as a rigid body
  2. make a new scene
  3. set the rigid body world group from the previous scene as the rigid body world in the current scene
  4. Play animation. (it makes no difference if you pause it again before the next step)
  5. Make a new group and make sure to change the name. Blender crashes upon confirming the name of the group. Trying to load another file(startup file as well) instead of making a new group also crashes blender. Undo also crashes blender at this point.

If the file is saved and reopened at any point after the rigid body world is created, a crash doesn't seem to happen, so I can't really include any file.

This seems like it may be related to T52551, so apologizes in advance if I'm reporting the same bug twice.