Object selection not displaying with transparancy
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System Information
Linux Mint 17.3 on Dell Inspiron 15R with Intel graphics

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79
Worked: 2.78c

Short description of error
An object with transparency enabled doesn't clearly show if it is selected. (Cycles render engine mode.) No crash or obvious error, but it's a workflow/usability problem. Makes it difficult to visually determine what is selected without performing some manipulation first to see what moves or changes.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Take an object and enable transparency under object-data, then under settings for the material set the display alpha to a value less than 1.0. An object set like this doesn't correctly show the orange outline in object mode if it's selected while using solid display mode.



Yeah, it's true. Not quite sure if it's actually a bug, but it's annoying nonetheless. However, I think we can be sure that it will be more than fixed in 2.8 ;)

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Please always attach the file which demonstrates the issue. Also, it is required to know your settings of Selection in User Preferences -> System.

So far i can not reproduce the issue on Debian Stretch, NVidia GT620, 384.47.

I'm hoping it gets fixed in 2.79, because for whatever reason 2.8 is worse. Only gray screen there with the Intel chipset on the laptop, no bueno. :(

Here's what the selection outline bug looks like on my end: https://youtu.be/ARhpa0Mj79s

So, am i right the issue here is that transparent objects does not have selection outline? (but selection itself works)

Yes, here is a file demonstrating the issue (GTX980ti here, on linux).

@Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k), thanks for the file, but it has same exact behavior in 2.78c, 2.79 and current master, while report says it worked in 2.78c..

Oh that's right, I did not test previous versions before. Probably never worked, at least not in 2.77 which I just tried.

If it never worked, i'd rather not invest time making it work in 2.7x series but focus on making a good outlines in 2.8 branch (outlines there really needs love and reconsideration..)

@Paul J. Schrenker (pauljs75), is your issue same as Sebastian's? Why you mentioned it worked in previous release?

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