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Compositing nodes have hidden fcurves
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System Information
WIndows 10 and GeForce GTX 960

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79

Short description of error
There are several comp nodes in this file that seem to show up in the fcurve evaluation function in the source but are not actually drawn in the graph editor. Unfortunately we cannot recreate the problem so we are not sure if it is a file issue or a source issue. The curves that are being evaluated are:

rna_path unsigned char * "nodes[\"Value\"].outputs[0].default_value" 0x000060800064af28
rna_path unsigned char * "nodes[\"Mix.006\"].inputs[0].default_value" 0x000060800007a888
rna_path unsigned char * "nodes[\"Mix.008\"].inputs[0].default_value" 0x000060800007e608
rna_path unsigned char * "nodes[\"Texture.004\"].inputs[0].default_value" 0x000060800007e748
rna_path unsigned char * "distortion" 0x0000608000421e68 -> This is drawn


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There are several things going on here:

  1. There is a F-Curve on the 'nodes["Texture.005"].inputs[0].default_value' setting in the "Active Action" slot of the Compositing Node Tree. This is visible if you disable "Only Selected" in the Graph Editor
  1. The rest of the F-Curves mentioned above (but not shown) appear to be within a NLA Strip on the Compositing Node Tree. The Graph Editor won't display those F-Curves unless you enter TweakMode on that strip, loading it's action for editing.
  1. Also, note that that NLA strip is set to "Solo" mode, so the Texture.005 animation mentioned above doesn't currently play, which is why it doesn't show up in the trace you did above.

Hope this helps,

What is TweakMode and how do I access it?

I figured it out, and yes, going to TweakMode helped!

cris (InsigMathK) changed the task status from Invalid to Resolved.Sep 20 2017, 5:18 PM