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Not "connected" child Bendy Bone behaves erratically when it's head coordinates match those of a head of a bone used as head handle
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System Information
Win8.1x64, 3x gtx580

Blender Version

Short description of error
Given that as far as I understand it's impossible to have two sequential Bendy Bones with no intermediate bone (and zero length bones get deleted upon exiting edit mode), in order to have a continuous curve, it seems logical to just make the child Bendy Bone parented not Connected and offset it's head to the position of a tail of a previous Bendy Bone.
Disabling Connected seems to work fine at least while the bones are in line initially, however if the head position exactly matches the tail position of a previous Bendy Bone, which is also the position of the intermediate bone head, the bendy bone behaves erratically.
After a bit of trial this becomes logical given, from what it seems, the Bendy Bone handle is produced by a vector from the handle bone's head to the bendy bone. But could it maybe use a vector from the handle bone's head to handle bone's tail instead? That way Bendy Bones would behave when "Connected" is unchecked too.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Move the selected bone