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I think that Blender's user interaction is quite bad. I know that Blender's ease of use has increased a lot with the 2.5 version but it's still quite hard to use Blender during the first hours.
When you launch the software for the first time, you have a hard time figuring how to perform the simplest tasks (and the selection is one of the most basic actions of a 3D modeling software).

Asking new users to learn ~30 shortcuts is not the solution, really. Using shortcuts is a fast way to model an object but it takes some time to get used to them.

From what I have read, the goal of the upcoming versions (2.8, ...) is to make Blender more user-friendly.

Without radically modifying the current interface, I think that Blender should feature a new "Selection" tab.

Here is a mockup:

I think a new Selection tab makes a lot of sense:

  • One of the most basic actions of every 3D modeling software is ... selecting vertices, edges, faces, objets. These Selection -related buttons need to be easily accessible. And currently, how do you access them? With a menu and shortcuts.. That's not really user-friendly.
  • What does a new user tries to do after launching Blender? He/She tries to select the cube and move it. Once he/she understands how to Edit it, there is still a need to select vertices, edges, faces... Blender should offer an easy way for new users to select (and not ask to use shortcuts).


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In general I'd say it makes sense to have important operations such as selection in the toolshelf. I'd object that I wouldn't copy the mockup 1by1, but final design would have to be discussed once somebody actually volunteers to implement this.
A general tab with panels & buttons for selection is anything but complicated by the way, so quite suited for beginners too (wouldn't add it to Quick Hacks list though, since final design isn't clear yet).

Anyway, but like discussed on IRC, we don't accept feature requests here on this tracker for maintenance reasons. Hence closing this for until someone plans to implement it.

I would like to implement several selection tools for blender, including this panel. I just have to find some way to fund my time.
My ideas are these:

  • add 'select similar' to right click menu. Enables selecting objects by similarity to any property(I actually have this as an python operator)
  • add logical operators to all selection tools - add, remove, intersect, inverse intersect , so selections can be built in many more clever ways
  • implement several more select similar operators( I have this as an addon too) -vertex count -island vertex count ( these 2 are good for finding and re-assigning instances in imported files or where you accidentaly make copies instead of instances) -vertex colors
    • many more, just name it

regarding this panel mockup, it's not following blender's UI paradigms and is huge. So, better have an selection category and have more panels (basic, advanced or whatever?)

I did start this and was based on the communication on, but I approached it as an addon for now since I don't have a lot of experience with source and was unaware of this thread. I have my version available to look at on my github at If this is on the right track, then I would be willing to continue work on it with input from devs.

I'd suggest you submit the add-on. Design should be checked there.
I think a non-add-on integration would be preferable though, placed in [blender_build_dir]/[release]/scripts/startup/bl_ui/ Should be trivial to do that, but let's check on that during add-on review.

I added it as an addon submission, and made a fast wiki on my github.