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Separating mesh to new object and animating its show/hide-toggle gets repeated to the original mesh object also
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I tested this on multiple Blender versions and it happened in all of them.

So, a clarifying GIF:


For some reason the animation I have done to an original mesh object messes up the show/hide-toggle animation functionality of separated new meshes and the original mesh.


  • I separate part of a mesh from a particular object to a new object
  • Animate that new object's show/hide-toggle


  • The show/hide-toggle animation is automatically duplicated to the original mesh-object's show/hide-toggle as well (not desired, faulty action, bug)


  • I remove the object's translate-animation curve


  • This won't happen and the show/hide-toggle animation works as expected



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If you expand outliner, you can see that action has same name for both objects.
With default preferences, it should not happen for a duplication. For a duplication, action on second object should be a copy, not a link to same action.

Obviously, preferences are not used by all tools But it would make sense in this case of separation to use them.

But it is not a big issue for blender users. It is not complicated to solve it by making action SingleUser.

Ooooh, now I see. It's expected behavior, very hidden, I must say

I need to learn to make those animation actions single users, yes :)

Thank you!

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allright seems resolved.