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Default Particle System colourization in Particle Edit Mode (Hair) doesn't follow theme wire/verts settings
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System Information
Arch Linux + GTX 780ti

Blender Version
All versions since 2.5alpha. Currently using Blender v2.79 8ef39d5c882

Short description of error

  • Choose a dark Blender UI theme (Dark 3Dview background)
  • Working in Particle Edit Mode with different different particle systems (PS) the currently selected hair PS wire/verts colours are set to black instead. This is ok with light 3DView (opengl) backgrounds. With black or dark themes or blender scenes the user can't see particle paths.
  • Adding more than one PS shows all unselected PS colours just fine using their set material colour. That is not what this bug report is about. Here the focus is on wire/vertices default colourization for the currently selected PS.
  • It looks like selecting the first PS uses black as default wire/verts colour. While selecting all other PS they use theme wire colour somehow, but changing User settings -> Themes -> 3D View -> Wire/Wire Edit colour has no impact?!

Side effects

  • Switching Particles->Render->Emitter brings viewport PS colourization "back" somehow. Broken, but unselected PS are showing their material colour. randomly (?)
  • Working with three hair PS and playing with Emitter influences only some unselected PS (random)?

Current Workaround
While editing (Particle Edit mode) the current PS just *select all* and then use the brush to edit them.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  • Use the attacked blend file
  • and play around while switching between PS Red/Green in Particle Edit Mode and randomly switch Emitter on/off.

Suggested Result
The currently selected hair PS follows theme wire/verts colourization. All unselected PS are using their material diffuse/base colour.

I added a cloned PS, too. Which was cloned from the Red one ParticleSystem Green (cloned Red). Switching its visibility brings all PS material back.

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Can confirm as well.
2.79 wasnt any better here.
Since particles are in heavy rewrite, will tag as Known Issue.