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Operator is not in sync with the Transform buttons
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The Operator dropdown button is not in sync with the Transform buttons.

  1. Select an object (the default cube for example)
  2. Click on the Rotate button (Tools tab)
  3. Rotate the object in the viewport (the Operator dropdown button doesn't change, the previous Operator options are still displayed)
  4. As soon as you release your mouse button, the Operator changes and displays the options for the button you have just pressed (in this example, Rotate )

I think that the Operator should be in sync with the Transform buttons, and be changed as soon as the user presses on these buttons.



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Bastien Montagne (mont29) claimed this task.

Thanks for the report, but no bug here, this is expected behavior (actual rotation values of the op can be seen in the headerbar text).

xan2622 (xan2622) reopened this task as Open.Oct 2 2017, 5:44 PM

I do think it's valid. I was not talking about the values that can be seen in the headbar text.

I reported it as a bug because it's currently not possible to change the values with the Operator.
I think that as soon as the user clicks on one of the Transform buttons (Move, Rotate, Scale, ...), the user should have to choice to enter the values in the Operator dropdown.

He should have the choice to:

  • rotate the cube directly with the cursor, in the viewport (and see the rotation value in the headerbar)


  • set the values directly in the Operator options (without using the mouse)

Currently, the user can only do that AFTER he/she has used the Transform button. It doesn't make sense to display the Operator options AFTER using the Transform tool.

Once and for all: this is not a bug, code works as expected. If you think current behavior should be changed, then this is UI/UX design and TODOs, which has absolutely nothing to do on this tracker, please use ML/IRC/etc. for that.