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Incomprehensive words found in translation file
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I found the following lines in vi.po,

line number 115820
#: source/blender/editors/space_outliner/outliner_tree.c:1068
msgid "Strip None"

line number 115828
#: source/blender/editors/space_outliner/outliner_tree.c:1226
msgid "Modal map, not yet"

and they are found in the MASSIVE function:

static TreeElement *outliner_add_element(SpaceOops *soops, ListBase *lb, void *idv,
                                         TreeElement *parent, short type, short index)

Without the understanding of the actual technical details, I have no idea how these words are used. All I know is the

msgid "Strip None"

refers to a sequence strip element type (TSE - Tree Store Element), mentioned in the DNA_outliner_types.h. Is the word 'None' here refers to the state of 'Not a strip' ? or 'A strip without a body'?

The second one:

"Modal map, not yet"

refers to TSE_KEYMAP_ITEM, that is the keyboard mapping (shortcuts), I think. The Modal Map refers to the 'mapping of modal' type, what is the word 'not yet' here really meant? Does it mean 'Not yet fully realized' - ie. not properly formed' - or what?

There is also a very technical message as well, but fortunately, it doesn't appear in the vi.po file. It refers to the size of the datatype - ie. the number of bytes the compiler allocates for the data type, (Long vs Short), and it means the data type, for some unknown reasons, has changed its size.

BLI_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof(te->index) == 2, "Index is no longer short!");

Can you please help me verify the actual meanings of those sentences?

Kind regards
Hoang Tran