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Documentation: Error in formula for specularity calculation hint
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I think there's an error in


This formula


(if SQR stands for "square root of") produces not the same result as of it mentioned in documentation.

In "For example" section there are a set of statements, like this:
... water: ior = 1.33, specular = 0.25 ...
But for with this formula it would be sqr((1.33-1)/(1.33+1))/0.08 and it equals 4.704235148 and not 0.25.


rBM3973: principled node

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As per the R(0°) formula the "sqr" term should stand for or should be read as "to the power of 2" or "squared" not as "square root of":

Oh, I see. Thank you for that clarification.

Maybe it should also be reflected in docs.
Just for ppl like me.

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This has been fixed