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blender vse cant deal with exr files
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Your documentation states that you can work with .exr (including multilayer) in VSE. (here

But VSE can not actually handle exr files.

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ronan ducluzeau (zeauro) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Documentation states that a Frame Sequence Approach to render animations is possible with .exr multilayer, JPG or PNG.
Then, it indicates that you use Blender's compositor and Blender's VSE.

There is a subtile difference.

You can direclty import a JPG or PNG sequence as an image sequence strip into VSE and render the anim.You can not do it with Multilayer.
While describing that workflow, documentation is confusing.
At step 8, .exr is mentionned as an example of file format but it could be Tiff.

You will see lots of images (.png or .exr, etc. depending on the format you chose to render)

And at step 9, VSE is mentionned.

But you can import a Multilayer sequence as an Image Sequence node into compositor to make compositing changes. Then , you can render directly animation into a movie format or import a corresponding scene strip inside VSE. Documentation is missing this part.

From my quick testing regular exr works but multilayer exr does not work. I will add a note in the manual.