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Video sequencer frame range bug
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Windows 10

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Rendered a movie 9 times before i found the reason why it didnt render the fadeout of a movie, i think this is a bug.
In the scene setting under render pre-sets we can set "End Frame", this seams to be what the video sequencer uses.
One though can also alter the timeline option to set End of a animation.
Updating the time line's last frame, does not effect the rendering end of a movie, and otherwise.
I suggest adding a default option use time line there, and if disabled one can use altered frame ranges.
That might clean up the GUI as well because under dimension setting then the frame ranges can then be hidden / unhidden.
Also from a GUI standpoint, the popup text on timeline about begin/end frame could then be simplified.
Simply Start / end of animation, this would make blender more Artist friendly



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Not a bug.

It sounds like you've accidentally enabled the "Preview Range" toggle on the timeline header (i.e. the toggle with the clock-face with 1/4 shaded orange) located beside the start frame value.