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Curve Remove doubles
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Curve remove doubles addon for Blender 3D

Adds comand "Remove Dobles" for curves in Blender 3D

Sometimes in exported curves in Blender, you can note bugs: some of the curve may not be traced, or artifacts on the extruded wall:

This is becouse of nearby points of Bezier curve. Of course, you can manually delete these points, restore the guides, but there is a faster and more efficient way: add-on "Curve Remove Doubles".

The addon glues nearby points on a single Bézier curve. In fact it is an analogue of the usual Remove Doubles on a mesh, but it is for a curve. But unlike the mesh one, it does not connect the points from different parts of the curves, even if they are on the ends of the two curves. To glue such points, you must first connect them with F-button.

How to use

Fixing curves

Let we have a curve with troubles:

Select all poins, than press W -> Remove Doubles:

Look at result:

Connecting two curves with preservation of guides

Let we have some curves to connecting

First, make segment with F-button. Next W -> Remove Doubles:

If the points don't stuck together - probably they are further than the established limit, press F6 and increase the limit until they are stuck together:

Look at result:



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Seems like useful functionality, are you able to port this is Blender's C code?

Some tools as add-ons are fine but this seems like it would fit better as a built-in operation.

Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 21 2017, 7:04 PM

could this be ported to 2.8 or made into a quick hack for c code?

could this be ported to 2.8 or made into a quick hack for c code?

you can grab 2.8 version it on my github: