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BWA: Ordered Lists have no top margin
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The ordered lists <ol> does not have any top margin which is rendered differently than <ul>

Example HTML code:

     <li>Ordered list item one</li>
     <li>Ordered list item two</li>
     <li>Ordered list item three</li>

Example live page:
Compare "How to Get Started" with "Communication"



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The issue is here:$457 if I can I will write a patch if not someone can take this up.

Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) claimed this task.

Fixed in production.

Just FYI, also fixed a typo in the title (Documen*tion) and renamed /documenters to /documentation with a redirect.

There is still a 5px difference between p tags and the list tags.

p tags have 15px while list tags have 10px margins.