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Number pad is bugged
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I'm not sure what the version of blender is. I'm new to it. I'm pretty sure it's the newest version. Just installed it about a little more than a week ago. Anyways, the number pad is bugged. For example, when I press 0, the button that puts you into the cameras perspective of view, it doesn't put me into the cameras position, and removes all of the objects in the workspace until I press 1. It does the same thing with all of the other number buttons but 1. 1 is the only one that works. So far, I think that's the only bug.



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Sounds like your numpad is not enabled.
This is the action that happens when you press the numbers across the top.
It enables layers.

Please read how to properly report bugs.
This is not enough information to go on.
You can read how to properly report here:

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