Scenes saved with dual screen layout can't be reopened
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Windows 10 x64, 2×NVIDA GTX Titan Black 6Gb, 2×Intel E5-2690, 64GB RAM

Blender 2.79 (sub 0)

When a scene has been saved with two windows (as when you shift-drag the split-panel widget and drag the new window to a second monitor) it cannot be opened from the default scene.

To reproduce:

  1. Shift-drag a split-window widget in the default scene.
  2. Drag the new window to a second monitor.
  3. Save the scene
  4. quit, then restart Blender
  5. open the saved scene

scene opens either with both windows or single window

Crash with message: Error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
If a scene with two windows has been saved as the default scene, then Blender will not start properly - it crashes as soon as it loads the default scene.

There is a workaround, which is to split the windows before opening the file. This won't work if the default scene has been saved with a split window.


Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) triaged this task as Incomplete priority.EditedDec 5 2017, 6:16 AM

Possibly similar issue was reported in T52936.

Please can you check the latest build appropriate for your system from to see if the error is still present?
There was a commit that addressed some possible related issues. Thanks.

Marking as Incomplete until the requested information/data is provided.

I downloaded blender-2.79.0-git.1802d14-windows64, same behaviour. A dump of the console here:

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It seems likely that Python has failed to properly initialize. Could you paste a full log of the initialization?

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@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) no problem. Where are the logs usually stored?

@stib (stib) they aren't - but you managed to post a dump of the console, assume a complete version of this is whats needed.