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Parenting with automatic weight very slow
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System Information
Windows 10 PRO, 32 gb ram, RX580

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78 and actual 2.79

Short description of error
I did a mesh in Zbrush, sculpt it with level subdivision 5. Send the mesh to Blender with GoB, automatically GoB import in blender Level 1 mesh (not a problem at all), so want parenting the mesh to my Rigify generated rig, well, this was fine sometime before (I think until release 2.76), but now it took hours or cannot do at all, for parenting the mesh (composed by all quads). Why? Cannot understand what is the problem.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Parenting with automatic an imported mesh from zbrush to rigify generated rig.
here the example file: the mesh don't fit correctly with the bones, but the result doesn't change, blender took a lot of time to parenting the mesh (even if I align correctly the bones to the mesh)



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Another file if someone wants to test it, this time the armature is correctly lined with the body (some result, took forever for parenting with automatic weight) :

No bug here i bind the first mesh in less than 2 min and the second in less the 10 min, i was not checking my watch, those are more how i felt ;)

Short answer will be you have dense mesh Blender is good at it, for a long answer and help ask in i can explain more.
Good luck

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Automatic weights requires to solve lots of systems of linear equations, complexity of which depends on number of vertices. Eigen library (which we use for that) does not allow to perform this kind of solution in threads, so it's something to be looked at from our side.

However, this is not considered a bug, but more an optimizaiton. Hence moving to TODO

Thanks for the report anyway!

Attaching files here so they are not lost.

problem solved. Hi had some windows registry errors, Blender works fine, and stable enough. Reinstalled windows and now parenting is fast as usual.