Blender render freezes
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System Information
MacBook Pro 2011 15", OS High Sierra 10.13.1
2,2 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1 GB
Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

Blender Version
2.79, 2017-09-11, Hash: 5bd8ac9

Short description of error
Tried to render 170 frames several times with blender render, but no success.
Rendering freezed first time on frame 95 then on 49 then on about frame 50.
After freezing Blender ist "dead". I have to "kill" the program with right click on the Program icon in the dock.

The laptop fan seems to work hard.

A render-test with with the cube of the start view worked (250 frames, rendering finished before the fan starts workin hard).

On OS Sierra (not High Sierra) and Blender 2.78 everything worked fine.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Settings of Blender render:
Resolution 1920x1080, 50% or 100%
Start frame 1, end frame 170, rate 24, step1
Output: PNG, RGBA, Color depth: 8
Click on "Animation"


ronan ducluzeau (zeauro) triaged this task as Incomplete priority.Dec 20 2017, 5:16 PM

Thanks for the report but it would be helpful only when you add a blend-file to the report that demonstrates the issue at hand.

Without a clue about the scene you are expecting to render correctly, there is no chance to be able to solve the issue.
Please, investigate a litlle bit more to isolate the problem.
Make a copy of your .blend fie.
Render your scene at a problematic frame, layer by layer.
If no problematic layer is found, try a combinaition of 2 layers.
If a problematic layer is found, delete objects to make render tests, group by group.
Make render tests according to hierarchies present in scene.
The pertinent and fastest method is relative to how your scene is build.

But after several tests, you should find a way to precise the problem and would be able to share a simplified version of your .blend file that demonstrates it.

Thank you, merci for your recommendation and understanding my incomplete "bug-report".
I'll do what I can and will report the result.

Please give me one additional support:
How can I share the simplified version of my .blend file?

You just have to drag and drop the file into the comment area to upload it.

I hope, I did right:

My scene is not very complex, so I deleted object by object and started on the first layer. Before that, I deleted all "background images" (they didn't influence the render process).
At the end on the first layer a combination of two objects seem to freeze the render process:

  1. the hair of the human (Jakob_2016:Short02) and
  2. the body of the human (Jakob_2016:Male_muscle_13290 : smile)

I attached the complete file (complete.blend) whrer the render process freezes, and the file without hair and body (neitherbodynorhair.blend), where the render process runs properly.

Without these two objects rendering is possible to frame 500 (I chose 500 as max number of frames).

The human I created with MakeHuman v1.1.1.. Export/import to blender I did with mhx2.

Thank you and all the best

Sorry, I forgot to attach the textures of the human.
Here they are.

Best Armin

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Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Incomplete priority.Tue, Jan 9, 9:16 PM

posting the 'complete' file with packed textures for convenience

rendered the whole 500 frames without problems (at 25% and 50%)

Are you running out of RAM possibly (should not be the case actually)?
Also: could you try a current build from here and tell us if that makes a difference?
Marking as incomplete for now...

Thank you!
I cannot determine any RAM-runout.
Could you give any hint, how I could detemine this (as the case may be)?
I'll try out builts from you link. I'll be back.

I tried out the following builts from your link:

The 2.79 built freezede at frame 87
The 2.80 built freezed at frame 30

Best Armin