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Collapse of surface Curves when CTRL+J
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Windows 10 64x - Nvidia GeForce Titan black Z

Broken: 2.79 5bd8ac9
Worked: 2.78 any and previous

I try to make a modeling from surface curves, and use different curves with the same resolution and number of points, arranged in space as sections. It is a procedure that I have used many times before, always successfully. At the moment, I select all the curves, and I press CTRL + J (OIN) to turn them into a single object, after this, I change to editing mode and select all the points and pulse F, with which the surface is created.
The current problem is that by selecting now the different curves, and pressing CTRL + J the curves are joined, but they are moved to the location of the last one selected, which we can consider as an active element, and therefore, it is not possible to correctly perform the creation of the surface. In addition, the points of the different curves are aligned with the same value and orientation of the active curve.

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ronan ducluzeau (zeauro) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

In attached .blend, do Ctrl J to join Surfaces curves to observe the problem.
Surfaces Curves are considered as 2D splines. It looks like they are considered as 3D splines only if they are created in edit mode.

Issue is confirmed for 2.79 and master e5b92cd under ubuntu 16.04