RIGIFY ------------ looses Hand and Feet IK Widgets / Crazyspace happening when Rig is Applied / Constraints and Drivers lost after Update Rig
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Hi, I am working with Rigify, but I will report several Problems with it here.

The Rig looses the Hand and Feet IK Widgets seemingly random from time to time.
I tried to regenerate the Rig and force the Widgetupdate, but it didnt work.
It's a little frustrating but I found out how to delete the widget from being used, so I at least can see the bone, but it's still curious, because other Bones like the one on the hand where you can change how much spread it is has gone missing too. I thought I'd report this so you know.

The second thing; I have some serious Crazy Space happening when I'm working With Shape Keys. I know the Method in the File attached is shit but it doesn't happen to the mesh when armature deform is disabled. The vertexes are on The Neck and the Tummy (hard to miss on the neck)

A thing I wish for improvements on this addon: When you update the Rig from your Metarig, please let the Constraints and Drivers of the stay intact or please implement an option to do so.. it's quite a task to type them in.

Thank you I hope this finds you well :)