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New Depsgraph currently ignores NLA tracks
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Win7 64 gtx770
Broken: d130c66 (between dec-10/dec-22)


Rigs will only display transforms from the active action clip. NLA tracks, pushed down, are visually ignored

startup command --enable-new-depsgraph

While you're just using an action, the animation is displayed normal as expected, and it also seems to work immediately after pushing it down to track, but after you refresh the scene, by switching through the scenes or reloading the file, the tracks are then ignored (but the values still update in the properties).

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Joshua Leung (aligorith) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.Dec 24 2017, 12:05 AM
Joshua Leung (aligorith) claimed this task.

DepsgraphRelationBuilder::build_animdata_curves_targets() is incorrect.

It only looks into the active action, and doesn't consider the NLA stack at all. To be correct, it would need to recursively go over NLA strips (meta strips can contain other NLA strips which may be action-linking strips OR metas themselves).