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FBX Import - Armatures are incorrect
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This has been there for a very long time. Whenever importing FBX with skeleton/armature from other apps, many times It's completely screwed - bones are rotated in wrong directions and rotations are wrong. Looks like coordinate systems are not converted correctly.

In this case - perfectly normal skeleton from Maya (From actual project where it is used in production in Maya, Unity, Motion builder etc).

Blender: All versions
OS: All OS



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Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 2 2018, 9:34 PM

While I cant very the file in another program atm (could do tomorrow) I can confirm the output in blender looks unexpected [tried a couple of settings with no luck]
Hate to ask, but @Bastien Montagne (mont29), could you have a look?

can confirm that provided file reads just fine into Maya or Unity

Using Force Connect Children and Automatic Bone Orientation will help. Besides that, yes, upper part of the skeleton is weird, no idea why. Probably some issue in Pose/bind matrices somehow, armature model of FBX is so complicated…