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Timecode placeholders
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With High Frame Rate (HFR) video becoming more and more ubiquitous (VR, HFR Cameras, high refresh rate monitors monitors, etc...).
I think it about time to update an ancient timecode system:
Could we please have a placeholder for the hundreds in the frame counter on the timecode?

My suggestion is: If the frame rate is ≥99 frames per-second then have a hundreds place holder (00:00:00:000).


Meta stamp:
if FPS ≥999: .0998..0999..1000..1001...
if FPS ≥099: ..098...099...100...101...
if FPS ≤099: ...22....23....23....24...

I'm not sure if the "frame counter" could do with a similar thing. But having said that the amount of place values decreases exponentially over time so it probably is not too much of an annoyance. But still could be looked at.
The reason I'm raising this issue is because the entire line moves and will cut off anything at the end. Meaning if you want to enable metadata stamp and you quickly do a test render, on say frame 10, and set the size to just fit all the metadata. As soon as frame 100 is reached, the line moves...
Also, the hours columns' are already there.

On another simmerly related area.
Possibly something similar in Blender's time-specific editors?
To show the hours columns' if the end frame goes to or over each value (hours).

With its current implementation it can be hard to focus in and pinpoint each columns' value (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames) if they keep appearing and disappearing during playback.

Sequencer Timeline/Show seconds:

Frame rate for the example is 1000fps

HH:MM:SS+Frame Show
if Time range ≥01:00:00+0000: 00:00:00+0000
if Time range ≥00:01:00+0000: 00:00+0000
if Time range ≤00:00:59+0999: 00+0000

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I think this is reasonable to have (at least thats what my no-sleep deprived brain suggests). Tbh, its not high on the the list, but will have a look

Unfortunately I'll only be able to look at this in April again, so let others take over....

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Closing since this tracker is for bug reports only.