Add/Remove Groups Not Working with Linked Objects
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Hash: 948515c

When using linked objects, all the Group commands [Remove From Group / Remove From All Groups / Add Selected To Active Group / Remove Selected From Active Group] except [Create New Group (Ctrl G)], do nothing

In my particular usage, I link a scene from one file

into my main scene , afterwards I create a [New scene with Link Objects] from the Linked scene.
I can Create Groups by selected objects, and I can remove the group from the object in the Object Properties tab but the only way to remove multiple groups is through python script or deleting the group itself.



trying my luck here:

  • the mentioned group commands 'do nothing' because they check for selected_editable_bases [editable is not the case for linked stuff]
  • If you make those operators work on selected_bases [leave out the 'editable'] then your usecase becomes possible
  • removing the group from the Object Properties tab [X operator] dosent do the editable check afaics

However, it seems mandatory (I think) to distinct between groups defined in the sourcefile/linkedfile and groups defined locally.
e.g. even now it is possible to remove a group defined in the sourcefile/linkedfile from an object [which doesnt really make sense because that change will be lost on file reload - another 'bug' if you will]

From an uneducated first look a good solution would be to permit group operators to work on groups defined locally and prohibit to work on groups defined in the sourcefile/linkedfile, but need to have another look or chat with @Bastien Montagne (mont29), maybe?

The reason I even bothered doing groups here is because when you link a scene, the groups aren't linked as well, so either I can link all the objects to the new scene, or I can link the empty-group instead.

just had the same problem, it's a mess indeed, would be good to have a look. I agree it should be possible to add linked objects to local groups and forbid modifying groups coming from the linked file (and when user try to do so, it should say why it's not allowed)

@Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) actually, why is this bug not confirmed?