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Up and Down keyboards arrows bug with Replace exisiting pose (PoseLib)
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GNU/Linux - Manjaro 16.08 64bit
NVidia GTX Titan Z (12GB)
Intel i7 @3.20GHz
Driver 370.28

Blender 2.79 e59cf13b8c4

Slide Up and Down (keyboards arrows) with Replace exisiting pose (PoseLib)

I created a simple armature with 1 bone and 3 poses (pose.000, pose.001, pose.002) to the PoseLib panel.
If i want to change pose.001 with Shift + L > Replace existing ... and i use down arrow keyboard to choose poselib.001 the hover higjlight slide up !



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Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Confirmed priority.

confirmed, will have a look shortly

there's only two usages of uiItemMenuF in the code and both fail.
Second one is the submenu for headers (so if you rightclick on any header button, theres this submenu which has the same behaviour)

detection of is_next fails beause for some reason UI_BLOCK_IS_FLIP is not setup correctly;0edda8e4ce4e7dc0d72a105b773896b7b17c480b$9190

Still a little bit lost when it comes to UI code... but I'm on it, stay tuned...

I've done a little more research but feel it is time to pass this on. (I would try more, but it feels like a time-sink atm...)
@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) : mind having a look? Feel free to assign back to me if you think I should try harder :)