The red thing
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System Information
Compaq Laptop - intel CORE i3

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79, I see in the render-View a thing, that I don´t can see in all the other Views!

Short description of error
If I animate a Minecraft-person, and put then another person to it, there are many coloured things. I delete them and all is okay, but if I render the picture, there I can see a red thing, who I dont see in the Edit-Mode! I watched every View, but it wasn´t there! Just in the render-view... What is it and how I can delete it? Is it a bug? Please fix it!

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Animate a skin, save it as a blender-file, animate a new person in a new window, put the before animated Minecraft-Person in the new window, delete all the colourful things and render the picture. There is a red thing, who is in other Views invisible!

I am from Germany, so my english is not the best...


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Please share a .blend file here so this can be looked at/reproduced. Without a .blend it is hard to tell whats going on here.
Also please dont change task priorities youself.

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